Hosted by: Kerry Bishé

A production of FilmNation Entertainment in association with Transmitter Media

Executive Producers: Gretta Cohn and Milan Popelka

Lead Producers: Caitlin Pierce and Michaela Celella

Special Thanks: The Science and Entertainment Exchange

The future is full of epic “what ifs”: What if a hostile attack took down our nation’s power grid? What if we could read minds? What if the supervolcano at Yellowstone erupted? In a brand new anthology podcast from FilmNation Entertainment, the producers that brought you unforgettable movies like "Arrival" and "The Big Sick", we take you into these hypothetical, near-future worlds using the power of story. Each episode takes us on a science fiction journey into these not-so-normal scenarios, through the viewpoint of very normal people. We ground these fictional stories in real science from actual scientists to excite your imagination about the world, both beautiful and terrifying, that awaits us.