Eli Roth Presents: The Clown

Director: Jon Watts

Writers: Christopher Ford & Jon Watts

Cast: Laura Allen, Andy Powers, Peter Stormare

The clown cancelled. Jack's 10th birthday is a bust until his dad, Kent, finds a clown suit and saves the party. His wife Meg really appreciates it. She tries to show him just how much, but the clown suit won't come off! At first Kent only has to put up with weird looks, going to work as a clown, but something's wrong. He can feel himself changing, an uncontrollable hunger overwhelming him as the suit becomes part of his skin.

Kent searches for a way to get the cursed suit off. He confronts a horrifying, forgotten legend. Today clowns are silly characters, but long ago the true nature of the "Cloyne" was very different. A demon who lived in the frozen mountains, the Cloyne descended to villages to devour one child for every month of winter. As the demon was forgotten, the snow-white skin and bloodstained face became the make-up of travelling entertainers. Kent has to figure out how to stop the demon before he becomes the Cloyne... forever.