Channing Tatum To Star In True Crime Movie ‘Roofman’ For Derek Cianfrance; FilmNation & CAA Media Finance Launching Limelight’s Hot Pic For EFM

February 08, 2024

In an exciting package presented at EFM, Channing Tatum is slated to take the lead in the true crime drama "Roofman," directed by Oscar nominee Derek Cianfrance (known for "Blue Valentine").

The film delves into the extraordinary narrative of Jeffrey Manchester, a charismatic and unconventional serial robber who ingeniously infiltrated over 60 McDonald's establishments by accessing them through their roofs. Manchester's modus operandi involved breaking in overnight, then calmly emptying the cash registers in the morning while directing the staff into freezers. A former U.S. Army Reserve officer, he earned the monikers 'Rooftop Robber' or 'Roofman,' recognized for his affable demeanor and an uncommon aversion to resorting to violence.

After his conviction and imprisonment in 2000, the audacious criminal managed to escape jail and elude capture by taking refuge for several months in a Toys 'r Us and Circuit City store in North Carolina. During this period, he sustained himself on baby food and engaged in bicycle rides for exercise within the confines of the toy store. Eventually, Manchester's fingerprints on a "Catch Me If You Can" DVD in the electronics store led to his recapture, and he was returned to incarceration. The film will focus on Manchester's captivating months-long escapade on the run.

The screenplay is a collaborative effort between Cianfrance and Kirt Gunn. Producers Dylan Sellers and Chris Parker, operating under their Limelight (known for "Palm Springs") production banner, will helm the project alongside Cianfrance's longtime associates Jamie Patricof (Hunting Lane) and Lynette Howell Taylor (51 Entertainment). Limelight, the driving force behind the project's development, will also provide full financial backing.

FilmNation and CAA Media Finance are spearheading the package launch at EFM, where it has already piqued significant interest among the distribution channels we've consulted. FilmNation will oversee the international aspect, while CAA will handle the domestic distribution.

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