‘Finally Dawn’ Clip: Deadline's First Look At Lily James, Joe Keery & Willem Dafoe In 1950s Cinecittà Drama

August 31, 2023

Deadline has provided an exclusive preview of the upcoming 1950s Cinecittà-based drama "Finally Dawn," directed by Saverio Costanzo and starring Lily James, Joe Keery, and Willem Dafoe. The film is set to make its premiere at the esteemed Venice Film Festival, competing in the main category.

The narrative of this cinematic piece pays homage to the illustrious era of Rome's Cinecittà film studios during the 1950s. It orbits around the blossoming journey of Mimosa, portrayed by the emerging Italian talent, Rebecca Antonaci. A twist of fate unknowingly propels Mimosa into the role of a prominent extra in a grand historical drama, set in the realm of swords and sandals. This unforeseen opportunity thrusts the young protagonist into the midst of a cohort of pleasure-seeking performers and expatriates, who embark on a whirlwind escapade through the city's vibrant nightlife.

Amidst Mimosa's personal expedition into adulthood during the nocturnal hours, the enigmatic passing of Wilma Montesi looms in the background. Wilma Montesi, a real-life aspiring actress from Rome, met an untimely demise. Her partially unclothed body was discovered on a beach along the Lazio coastline in 1953, casting a shadow of mystery over the city.

Lily James delivers a remarkable portrayal of a multifaceted, self-absorbed acting luminary, who takes a keen interest in Mimosa's journey. Willem Dafoe assumes the role of her expatriate friend, an art dealer in Rome, while Joe Keery portrays a young actor characterized by his insecurities and benevolence. The preview showcases the trio's introduction to Mimosa, drawing her inexorably into their captivating universe.

"Finally Dawn" marks Saverio Costanzo's return to the director's chair following the success of HBO's acclaimed drama "My Brilliant Friend," an adaptation of Elena Ferrante's widely celebrated series of novels, The Neapolitan Novels. The film promises to immerse viewers in a riveting tale set against the backdrop of Italy's cinematic history and cultural transformation.

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