Nicolas Cage’s ‘Lord of War’ Sequel to Shoot in Morocco in 2024 With Top Line Producer Karim Debbagh

December 04, 2023

Karim Debbagh, the prominent Tangier-based line producer at Kasbah Films, has successfully secured a range of film projects from the U.S. and U.K. that are set to be filmed in Morocco. Among these projects is "Lords of War," the sequel to "Lord of War," featuring Nicolas Cage as the infamous arms dealer.

During his attendance at the Marrakech Film Festival, Debbagh discussed his involvement in "Lords of War" with Variety. The film is scheduled to commence shooting in March, spanning approximately 40 days, with Debbagh actively scouting locations throughout Morocco.

In his interview, Debbagh expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the versatility of Morocco's landscapes. He mentioned the diverse settings in Casablanca, ranging from areas resembling Senegal to luxurious locales reminiscent of a California neighborhood. Additionally, Marrakech and its surroundings offer suitable backdrops resembling Libya, Yemen, or Syria.

Debbagh disclosed that the production of the sequel would benefit from Morocco's local tax rebate incentive, which increased to 30% a year ago. Unlike the previous cap of €1.8 million per film, the current scheme has an annual cap of €10 million in rebates for all foreign shoots. Debbagh emphasized the "first come, first served" nature of the new system, citing that "Lords of War" is expected to utilize approximately €7 million in eligible expenses in Morocco, resulting in a rebate of around €2 million. This leaves only €8 million available for other international productions filming in the country.

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